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The Tree Removal Contract

As with any contractor project, a tree removal service is no different and requires a clear contract to outline the responsibilities and job of the contractor as well as the homeowner. Here are some common items often listed in a tree removal contract:

1.   Start and End Date of Project
2.   Clear and detailed description of work needed to be done
3.   Specify who is responsible for the clean-up
4.   Specify who will receive any firewood, chips, etc., and if the homeowner is to receive the tree remnants then specify the size of the wood cuts and where and how the wood should be stacked
5.   Clarify if the stump will be removed or grinded in addition to the basic tree removal
6.   Total cost of the project in a line-item format so that all work and cost is detailed as to avoid any confusion

Always be sure to make sure any tree removal company is and insured and ask them to provide proof of insurance. In addition, make sure to keep a signed copy of the contract in a safe place.


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